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Installing the Club's Google calendar on your device.

In order to have a copy of the Club's calendar on the device you use to see the website (e.g. desktop, tablet mobile phone), you must have a Google account and the Calendar application installed. If you do not have one, setting up an account is easy and free: go to Google Accounts and follow the instructions.


Once you have a Google account, using your address send an email to requesting access to the Club's calendar. You will receive a reply from giving you access. Click on the 'View your calendar' hyperlink at the bottom of the message and the Suffolk Riders calendar will open in your default web browser. Open your Google Calendar application and the Club's calendar will be displayed under 'Other Calendars' in the left column. If you encounter problems, please first visit Google Support. Still unable to gain access, then send an email to with an explanation, including, if possible, a screen-shot of the problem and a telephone number.

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