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            Safer, Smoother, Quicker

Why Learn Advanced Motorcycling?

We all enjoy riding bikes but it is a fact that as motorcyclists we are far more likely to be involved in an accident than the majority of road users, whether we are at fault or not. The aim of our tutors is to improve your margin of safety whilst maintaining, or improving, your level of enjoyment, by giving you more control. 

Your tutor will introduce you to ‘the system’ as used by police motorcyclists. It deals with all hazards, real or potential, using the same structured approach. It is likely that as you start to implement this structured approach to riding, you will find your riding becomes more fluent, often allowing you to make better progress with an increased margin of safety. It allows you to make balanced decisions as to where it is safe to carry speed, and where you need to exercise caution. 

Our motto of ‘Safer, Smoother, Quicker’ is reflected in our approach to training. We believe safety comes from a systematic approach, not just riding slowly. This is consistent with the criteria for the test, where the primary aim is always to maintain a margin of safety, but to achieve the higher grades it is expected that you make good progress where appropriate.

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