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Educational videos:

By kind permission of John MacDonald

John is amongst the most highly qualified and experienced driving instructor trainers in the UK. He has a proven track record and has been training both Motorcycle and Driving instructors since 1996. 

In that time John has trained well over 250 driving and motorcycle instructors. It's a fact that almost everyone that has trained with John has passed.

RoadCraft Theory:

Introduction to RoadCraft
Introduction to IPSGA
Bike Control - Body Position
Bike Control - Steering/Lean Angles
Bike Control - Throttle/Gears/Clutch/Brakes
Limit Point - Theory
Limit Point - Practice
Position for Bends
Road Signs/Surfaces/Camber
Putting it all together

On Road Demonstrations

By kind permission of Rapid Training

Reading the road
Cornering Lines
Throttle Control
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