Suffolk Riders Newsletter Archive

26) Issue 26 - 1st October 2021
Highlights from September: the GTR to Felixstowe, Copdock and our first in-person group night for 22 months. Congratulations for members' achievents; John W tells of 3 epochs in his riding career.

25) Issue 25 - 1st September 2021
Group night at TTT Motorcycle Village, Fish 'n Chip run, Beulah run, Welcome and Congratulations, September events, Brian C heads to the Arctic, Terry B has trouble with RoSPA, webmaster will stand down at the AGM.

24) Issue 24 - 1st August 2021
Rideouts to Tydd Gote and Stroud, one space on Beulah run, please help with Copdock parking; a new road sign & some professional training videos. Stephen W. is selling his Triumph Sprint.

23) Issue 23 - 1st July 2021
Rideouts to Aldeburgh & Sizewell, welcome & congratulations. July rideout to Tydd Grott, Biker Down courses; please update Membermojo, a rant about PayPal; a ride to Beulah in the planning.

22) Issue 22 - 1st June 2021
Stonham Barnes, ride-outs, and fish & chip runs. Welcome to new members and congratulations on test passes. Trevor's 'Hell." Why Malvern?

21) Issue 21 - 1st May 2021

Two reports of April's ride-outs plus a 'heads up' for a couple in May. A member describes the year 2019 as his 'Heave & Hell,' read about Heaven this month. Another member is cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats and would like your support

20) Issue 20 - 1st April 2021

Copdock 2021 (it's on); EGM; Social rides for April; motorcycle dress code (Stephen W's tongue-in-cheek overview; Shafted, a reply to last month's piece; Where are you? Chris A. has found a gem mobile phone applicaton.

19) Issue 19 - 1st March 2021

Covid-19 update; 2021 Race Calendar & SR social rides; nominations for committee & Phil S. introduces himself; Brian C concludes his first Asia trip, some day-rides to blow away the cobwebs from Keith G., and Steve Valentine goes naked; Stephen W. muses on the future of motorcycle transmission systems and Chris A, finds some hidden gems in MyRouteApp.

18) Issue 18 - 1st February 2021

A touring theme this month. The Ardennes trip updated; touring for newbies with articles on planning and two suggested destinations in France; rules governing touring in the EU; part 2 of Brian's first trip to Asia; bringing up the rear, Stephen W. muses on a new bike.

17) Issue 17 - 1st January 2021

(Cotswold Canter (David L suffers), Hotfoot to Hunstanton, Events for 2021 (do you want to participate?), Brian C's first trip to Asia, Keith G' memories of

Italy & the Stella Alpina, MyRouteApp update (Garmin's zūmoXT now works!))

16) Issue 16 - 1st December 2020

(Social rides are on; the AGM notice; lockdown in France; Lee G. rides Keith's GS; staycation; help needed; sat-nav(s); riding tips; counter steering.

15) Issue 15 - 1st November 2020

(Octobers activities- GTR, Breakie run & Highland Fling, November activities, Karen's confession, can you help Chris J, Chris A's RT is for sale.

14) Issue 14 - 1st October 2020

(September's activities- GTR & Northumbria, October activities, Phil gets philosophical about riding, a crime is committed, Keith gets his GS remapped,

Karen makes a mistake, Bakson asks for help on counter steering).

13) Issue 13 - 1st September 2020

(August's activities- long rides and fish & chip runs, September activities Steve Last - profile and a Bristol, clothes and a bike in the bargain basement,

Vini buys a new suit, a question about the newsletter).

12) Issue 12 - 1st August 2020

(July's activities, Terry B's memories, October Highland Fling, Simon B goes for pig-ugly, a holiday suggestion, replace a LiPo battery

11) Issue 11 - 1st July 2020

(July's activities, Brian C's get to Italy, Electric bikes, Member profile,

A new bike, Garmin zūmoXT).

10) Issue 10 - 1st June 2020

(A blood biker's tale, Lockdown in France, Australia trip, Stopping on front brake, The space behind).

9) Issue 9 - 1st May 2020

(A blood biker's tale, Member's profile, Tutoring, Good old days, Nod off, Australia trip ).

8) Issue 8 - 1st April 2020

(Run to Sheringham, competiton update, A Tutor's Lot, Australia trip, Africa Trip, PMI rant, Speeding ticket, Folembray ).

7) Issue 7 - 1st March 2020

(Run to Andrewsfield, MCT Suspension; GTR to Urban Jungle, Essex Firebike;

Glen Mures; Australian Holiday; View from the pillion).

6) Issue 6 - 1st Feb 2020

(Group Night Quiz; Future Events; Scottoiler FS365; Member - Frank Barrett; Spanish Trip; Bakson Mk02-50cc; 20 years with a GS)

5) Issue 5 - 3rd Jan. 2020

(Runs to Jimmy's Café, Old Buckenham Airfield, Lock Tea Room, Heybridge Basin; GTRs a Tutor's view; AGM; Restore a windshield; bike recovery - Namibia; Smells)

4) Issue 4 - 1st Dec. 2019

(Runs to North Weald Airfield, Broken Egg Harleston; talk - Coping with junctions; Spanish trip, Scotland tour; GTRs - questions answered; Firebike experience)

3) Issue 3 - 1st Nov. 2019

(Runs to Wadenhoe, Cumbria, Dales & Yorkshire; TET2; Intermediate test)

2) Issue 2 - 1st Oct. 2019

(Runs to Sizewell, Mkt. Deeping, Bridgenorth; Tutors' weekend; Trans Euro Trail; Garmin - straight lines; Tyre change)

1) Issue 1 - 1st Sept. 2019

(Runs to: Moto GP - Brno; Burnham Deeping; Marks Tey; Hummanby Yorks. Treasure Hunt. BBQ. Richard Tricker. BMW service. Cameras. Safety Tips)