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Suffolk Riders Newsletter Archive

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28) Issue 28 - 1st December 2021
A bumper edition to end the year, which you can muse over mince pies and a glass of whatever you enjoy, later in the month. It’s been noted that some browsers (Firefox for one) can reverse images with shadows, so my advice is to download the newsletter and read it with a free PDF reader, e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Phil recounts the month and ruminates on his touring plans for this & next year; Steve Last revisits Tydd Gote (I love the image that ‘Foul Sluice’ creates); Group Night results of the route planning competition show a surprise; the AGM of course and other events in December; welcome and congratulations to new members and test passes. In the members' forum, Phil takes us from novice to senior tutor; Ray S. Is drawn back to his youth with a Velo; Stephen W. muses on what might have happened when he stumbled upon an injured mountain biker; and Cliff B. has fallen head over heels for the BMW 1600 GTL (loads of useful links). In the Technical Corner John W. suggests consideration of ‘what might be reasonably expected to happen’ at a couple of specific places on the road; and your Ed. creates an ICE QR code for his helmet.
The Last Word is my goodbye.

27) Issue 27 - 1st November 2021
Biker Down - Group Night, breakfast run to Corby Glen, epilogue to Frank Barrett's epic journey, welcome and congratulations, November events: Tydd Gote, GTR and a new competition for group night, Brian C, concludes his northern journey.


26) Issue 26 - 1st October 2021
Highlights from September: the GTR to Felixstowe, Copdock and our first in-person group night for 22 months. Congratulations for members' achievents; John W tells of 3 epochs in his riding career.

25) Issue 25 - 1st September 2021
Group night at TTT Motorcycle Village, Fish 'n Chip run, Beulah run, Welcome and Congratulations, September events, Brian C heads to the Arctic, Terry B has trouble with RoSPA, webmaster will stand down at the AGM.

24) Issue 24 - 1st August 2021
Rideouts to Tydd Gote and Stroud, one space on Beulah run, please help with Copdock parking; a new road sign & some professional training videos. Stephen W. is selling his Triumph Sprint.

23) Issue 23 - 1st July 2021
Rideouts to Aldeburgh & Sizewell, welcome & congratulations. July rideout to Tydd Grott, Biker Down courses; please update Membermojo, a rant about PayPal; a ride to Beulah in the planning.

22) Issue 22 - 1st June 2021
Stonham Barnes, ride-outs, and fish & chip runs. Welcome to new members and congratulations on test passes. Trevor's 'Hell." Why Malvern?

21) Issue 21 - 1st May 2021

Two reports of April's ride-outs plus a 'heads up' for a couple in May. A member describes the year 2019 as his 'Heave & Hell,' read about Heaven this month. Another member is cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats and would like your support

20) Issue 20 - 1st April 2021

Copdock 2021 (it's on); EGM; Social rides for April; motorcycle dress code (Stephen W's tongue-in-cheek overview; Shafted, a reply to last month's piece; Where are you? Chris A. has found a gem mobile phone applicaton.

19) Issue 19 - 1st March 2021

Covid-19 update; 2021 Race Calendar & SR social rides; nominations for committee & Phil S. introduces himself; Brian C concludes his first Asia trip, some day-rides to blow away the cobwebs from Keith G., and Steve Valentine goes naked; Stephen W. muses on the future of motorcycle transmission systems and Chris A, finds some hidden gems in MyRouteApp.

18) Issue 18 - 1st February 2021

A touring theme this month. The Ardennes trip updated; touring for newbies with articles on planning and two suggested destinations in France; rules governing touring in the EU; part 2 of Brian's first trip to Asia; bringing up the rear, Stephen W. muses on a new bike.

17) Issue 17 - 1st January 2021

(Cotswold Canter (David L suffers), Hotfoot to Hunstanton, Events for 2021 (do you want to participate?), Brian C's first trip to Asia, Keith G' memories of

Italy & the Stella Alpina, MyRouteApp update (Garmin's zūmoXT now works!))

16) Issue 16 - 1st December 2020

(Social rides are on; the AGM notice; lockdown in France; Lee G. rides Keith's GS; staycation; help needed; sat-nav(s); riding tips; counter steering.

15) Issue 15 - 1st November 2020

(Octobers activities- GTR, Breakie run & Highland Fling, November activities, Karen's confession, can you help Chris J, Chris A's RT is for sale.

14) Issue 14 - 1st October 2020

(September's activities- GTR & Northumbria, October activities, Phil gets philosophical about riding, a crime is committed, Keith gets his GS remapped,

Karen makes a mistake, Bakson asks for help on counter steering).

13) Issue 13 - 1st September 2020

(August's activities- long rides and fish & chip runs, September activities Steve Last - profile and a Bristol, clothes and a bike in the bargain basement,

Vini buys a new suit, a question about the newsletter).

12) Issue 12 - 1st August 2020

(July's activities, Terry B's memories, October Highland Fling, Simon B goes for pig-ugly, a holiday suggestion, replace a LiPo battery

11) Issue 11 - 1st July 2020

(July's activities, Brian C's get to Italy, Electric bikes, Member profile,

A new bike, Garmin zūmoXT).

10) Issue 10 - 1st June 2020

(A blood biker's tale, Lockdown in France, Australia trip, Stopping on front brake, The space behind).

9) Issue 9 - 1st May 2020

(A blood biker's tale, Member's profile, Tutoring, Good old days, Nod off, Australia trip ).

8) Issue 8 - 1st April 2020

(Run to Sheringham, competiton update, A Tutor's Lot, Australia trip, Africa Trip, PMI rant, Speeding ticket, Folembray ).

7) Issue 7 - 1st March 2020

(Run to Andrewsfield, MCT Suspension; GTR to Urban Jungle, Essex Firebike;

Glen Mures; Australian Holiday; View from the pillion).

6) Issue 6 - 1st Feb 2020

(Group Night Quiz; Future Events; Scottoiler FS365; Member - Frank Barrett; Spanish Trip; Bakson Mk02-50cc; 20 years with a GS)

5) Issue 5 - 3rd Jan. 2020

(Runs to Jimmy's Café, Old Buckenham Airfield, Lock Tea Room, Heybridge Basin; GTRs a Tutor's view; AGM; Restore a windshield; bike recovery - Namibia; Smells)

4) Issue 4 - 1st Dec. 2019

(Runs to North Weald Airfield, Broken Egg Harleston; talk - Coping with junctions; Spanish trip, Scotland tour; GTRs - questions answered; Firebike experience)

3) Issue 3 - 1st Nov. 2019

(Runs to Wadenhoe, Cumbria, Dales & Yorkshire; TET2; Intermediate test)

2) Issue 2 - 1st Oct. 2019

(Runs to Sizewell, Mkt. Deeping, Bridgenorth; Tutors' weekend; Trans Euro Trail; Garmin - straight lines; Tyre change)

1) Issue 1 - 1st Sept. 2019

(Runs to: Moto GP - Brno; Burnham Deeping; Marks Tey; Hummanby Yorks. Treasure Hunt. BBQ. Richard Tricker. BMW service. Cameras. Safety Tips)

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