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To access the Club's routes library, follow these instructions.

1) Login to your MyRouteApp account (free or subscribed)
2) In the left column click on 'Invite friends'.
Invite Friends.jpg
3) In the Invite friends pane, begin typing Suffolk Riders in the panel until you see the Club appear below your text, then click on the Club.
Select Suffolk Riders.jpg
4) Click on the 'Invite' button. NB you could add other friends.
Click Invite.jpg
5) The webmaster receives request and (if a Club member), grants access.
Access enabled.jpg
6) To access and use any of the Club's routes, select Suffolk Riders from the 'Friends' column, which will bring up the Club's profile. Click on the 'Routes' menu and select a route that you wish to use. The route will appear and you can copy it to your account by clicking on the '+ Use route' menu. You may then make any alterations to your own copy.
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