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Route Information
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13) Wildflower Farm Café, Lagor, from Tesco, B. St. Edmunds.
14) B. St. Edmunds from Wildflower Farm Café, Langor, Notts.
12) The Weeping Ash, St. Neots, from Mototechnics, Stowmarket
11) Friday St Cafe and Leiston Long Shop Museum from Stow
10) Sudbury F&C run from Tesco BSE
9) Pieseas F&C Harwich from Stowmarket
8) Laxfield Village Hall to Gorlston
7) Tesco Martlesham to Blyford
6) Beacon Hill to Thetford Gdn Centre
5) Tesco BSE to Stonham Barns
4) Beacon Hill to Fair Green Fish Bar
3) Tesco Stowmarket to Route 11 Cafe
2) Beacon Hill to Green Pastures
1) Copdock to Docky Barn Café
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